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Safety Requirements

1. Traffic safety: All international students shall strictly abide by traffic rules and regulations. It is forbidden to drive and ride under the influence, to drive motorcycles, fuel help-move vehicles and high-power battery cars, to ride by taking others and to drive at over speed.

2. Fire prevention in dormitory: It is forbidden to use ultra-high-power electrical appliances in the school dormitory, to carry and store dangerous items, to connect wires without permission, and to use gas. Students who live off campus must use electricity and gas safely.

3. Public kitchen and laundry room: All international students shall strictly abide by the management system of public kitchen and laundry room, take good care of various facilities and equipment, such as water and electricity facilities equipped in kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven and induction cooker, etc., and use them reasonably. It is forbidden to disassemble, modify and damage them, or to use them for personal purpose without permission. Pay attention to keeping the kitchen and laundry room clean and hygienic, and clean up personal items and residual garbage in time to avoid affecting the use of others after using the electrical appliances and equipment.

4. Prevention of burglary: Lock the doors and windows before going out, and keep your documents, wallet and valuables properly when shopping or taking transportation. Do not go to remote places alone, and no one is allowed to stay overnight without permission.

5. Diet hygiene: Don’t buy beverages and food at unlicensed stalls and pay attention to washing and cooking the food when cooking by yourself.

6. No excessive drinking: It is forbidden to drink and drink excessively in the dormitory, and do that outside campus late at night.

7. Strict control of smoking: Do not smoke in public places, such as classroom, restaurant and elevator, etc.

8. Prevention of influenza and other infectious diseases: Please go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment immediately and report it to the teacher of the School in case of any symptoms, such as cold and fever, etc.

9. Prevention of natural disasters: Pay attention to self-protection and ensure personal safety in disastrous weather, such as thunder, lightning and rainstorm, etc.

10. Prevention of fraud: Don’t fall for false information and be cautious about transfer and payment. When someone ask you for money on the pretext of your teacher, classmate and friend, please be sure to contact the relevant teachers, classmates and friends to verify by phone to prevent being cheated.

11. Prevention of mental illness: Establish mental health consciousness and enhance the ability of psychological adjustment. Please go to a hospital or the school psychological consultation point for help in time in case of any psychological confusion.

12. Avoid disputes: Keep the dormitory quiet. Do not make a lot of noise and play the stereo loudly. In case of any dispute with others, please restrain your emotions and ask the relevant management personnel to mediate. Do not address it by yourself.

In case of emergencies, please keep calm and report to the teacher in time, or report to the public security department.