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Dormitory Management

The measures are specially formulated in combination with actual management of international students according to the Measures for Civilization Construction Management of Student Dormitory in Xinxiang Medical University.

Article 1 The lodging international students shall sign a lodging agreement and apply for an accommodation registration card.

Article 2 Students shall be accommodated in the designated dormitory building, dormitory and bed. Without the approval of dormitory management department, no one shall be admitted to live in the student dormitory, or change the dormitory or bed.

Article 3 In principle, the school shall not provide extra rooms for family members, such as couples and children, etc.

Article 4 The lodging international students shall pay accommodation expense, water and electricity fees, etc., on schedule. The dormitory management department shall have the right to disqualify the lodging qualification of students who have unreasonable arrears and fail to return to school within the time specified by the school, or leave school without reason. According to the relevant regulations of the school, they shall be forced move out the dormitory and their indoor left-over items shall be kept for a month for a fee. The dormitory management department shall have the right to deal with the items that are not collected after the deadline. Before going out, the lodging students shall inform the dormitory administrator of the start and end time of going out, and handle the registration procedure, so that the administrator can turn off the water and electricity in time.

Article 5 The lodging students shall handle the check-out procedure within the specified time.

Article 6: The school will adjust the use of student dormitory and change the study location of lodging students. When adjusting the dormitory, the students shall actively cooperate and obey the unified arrangement of the school, and shall not obstruct the adjustment work for any reason.

Article 7 The lodging students shall consciously maintain the safety of dormitory, enhance safety awareness and legal concept, and improve the ability of prevention, self-management, self-rescue and escape.

Article 8 In case of discovering the accidents, such as fire alarm and fire, etc., the lodging students shall promptly take measures, such as alarming and evacuating from the scene, etc. In case of discovering the criminal case, or public security case, or other cases, the students shall keep the scene intact, report it to the security department and dormitory management department in a timely manner, and assist them for handling.

Article 9 The lodging students shall not accommodate the non-dormitory persons in their own dormitory. The live-in persons shall bear joint compensation liability or legal liability for the property loss and personal injury to other students or collective caused by accommodating the non-dormitory persons without permission.

Article 10 The lodging students shall guard against theft, keep personal belongings properly and report the dormitory administrator in time after losing the key, and shall not lend the bedroom key to others, or exchange it privately, or add another door lock.

Article 11 The lodging students shall consciously abide by the dormitory reception system and dormitory safety management system,  and cooperate with the management of dormitory administrator. Visitors must register in the duty room.

Article 12 The ward round system shall be implemented in student dormitory. Dormitory administrator shall regularly or irregularly carry out relevant ward round to maintain the public order of the dormitory and ensure the good condition of public facilities and equipment.

Article 13 The infectious disease declaration system shall be implemented in student dormitory. All patients with various types of infectious diseases as stipulated in the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases shall take the initiative to report to the dormitory administrator. The lodging students shall report suspected cases of infectious diseases in their dormitories in a timely manner. Infectious disease patients, pathogenetic carriers and suspected infectious patients shall follow the medical guidance of the school hospital and actively cooperate with the adjustment and arrangement of dormitory before they are cured or ruled out suspicion of infectious disease.

Article 14 The lodging students shall consciously protect the public environment health, jointly create a civilized, clean and orderly living environment, and respect and cherish the workers’ labor achievements. (1) It is forbidden to place personal items in public areas; (2) Keep the corridor “free of garbage for 24 hours”; (3) Please directly put the indoor garbage into trash can and put the bagged garbage into the designated garbage dump in a timely manner; (4) Put the hazardous wastes in the designated storage point; (5) Please consciously take good care of the green area around the dormitory.

Article 15 The lodging students shall respect, unite and love each other in dormitory, consciously maintain public order, follow work and rest time and develop a good study and living habit.

Article 16 The lodging students shall leave the dormitory in a lawful and civilized manner. During leaving, the students shall pay attention to take good care of the public property in the dormitory, actively cooperate with the administrator to check the public facilities and equipment, and consciously pay all unpaid fees or compensation according to the regulations.

Article 17 The lodging students shall take good care of the school’s public property and properly use the water and electricity facilities, doors and windows, glasses, furniture, fixed-line telephones and other facilities and equipment in the dormitory and bedroom.

Article 18 The furniture for personal use in the bedroom shall be kept by the user himself/herself, while that for common use shall be jointly kept by the dormitory members. Without the consent of dormitory administrator, it is forbidden to lend any furniture uniformly arranged by the school to others, or to move the personal furniture or that in other places into the student dormitory for use, or to dismantle, move, damage, or discard the furniture and facilities in the dormitory.

Article 19 The dormitory management department shall be entrusted by the school to check and repair the public facilities and equipment from time to time. The lodging students shall register for repair at the duty room to in time in case of finding any damage or loss of facilities and equipment. For man-made damage, it shall be compensated at the price and the relevant responsible person shall bear the cost of repair and replacement by himself/herself.

Article 20 The lodging students shall use electricity safely, and shall not repair or disassemble the electrical appliances uniformly arranged in the dormitory without permission. The responsible person shall bear the consequences caused by improper use. The students shall purchase and use certified electrical products produced by regular manufacturers, and the dormitory administrator shall have the right to stop illegal use of electricity.

Article 21 The lodging students shall save electricity and water, and put an end to waste. The charging standard of water and electricity usage shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school.

Article 22 Students shall not purchase and use high-power electrical appliances by themselves.

Article 23 The lodging students shall arrange their bedrooms beautifully and generously, with a healthy and elegant style and a clean and orderly environment.

Article 24 The lodging students shall strictly abide by regulations, such as school rules and regulations, dormitory management measures and lodging agreement, etc., and follow the relevant civilization conventions. Disciplinary offenders shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school until the corresponding economic and legal responsibilities are investigated.

Article 25 In case of any disciplinary violation in the dormitory building, the party concerned shall be given corresponding disciplinary punishment in accordance with the Interim Provisions on Disciplinary Punishment for Students of Xinxiang Medical University. For serious circumstances, relevant economic and legal responsibilities shall be investigated.

Article 26 In case of the following behaviors in the dormitory, the relevant departments of the school shall have the right to stop and give notice of criticism or disciplinary punishment depending on the seriousness of the circumstances, or even investigate and affix legal liability.

1. Behaviors affecting the public order

(1) Refuse to cooperate with the school to carry out health, discipline and safety inspections;

(2) Litter both inside and outside the dormitory building, randomly pour sewage or pour water into trash can;

(3) Scribble on the walls and corridors, post and distribute various posters and leaflets, etc;

(4) Decorate the bedroom without permission, or chisel hard objects into the wall, such as nails, etc;

(5) Move and disassemble furniture and facilities without permission;

(6) Install high-power electrical appliances without permission;

(7) Connect rope to dry clothes in corridor and room without permission;

(8) Keep pets;

(9) Dump leftovers into the sewer to cause blockage;

(10) Have illegal and criminal activities, such as excessive drinking, gambling, prostitution, drug abuse and drug trafficking, etc;

(11) Have other behaviors that affect the public environment and order.

2. Behaviors affecting safety

(1) Connect network cables, telephone lines and adjust water and electricity meters without permission;

(2) Stack bicycles, discard debris and place shoes, etc., in the lobby, corridor, firefighting access, bedroom and balcony.

(3) Litter cigarette butts;

(4) Have dangerous behaviors, such as climbing doors and windows, attic and railings, etc;

(5) Make the room key, exchange the door lock or borrow the bedroom key to others without permission;

(6) Exchange the bedroom and bed, occupy other bed, or sublet and lend the bed to others without permission;

(7) Violate the access control regulations;

(8) Store flammable and explosive items;

(9) Use high-power electric appliances, such as such as electric stove, electric food warmer and electric heater, etc., and flammable items, such as electric blanket, etc;

(10) Cook and barbecue in the bedroom;

(11) Have other behaviors that affect public safety.

3. Uncivilized behaviors affecting others’ study and rest

(1) At self-study time or bedtime, make a racket or do other sports, such as playing chess, playing the ball, kicking the ball and skating, etc;

(2) Do not control the volume when using telephone, watching TV and listening to radio, etc., and make a racket, laugh loudly, sing and go on the random, resulting in affecting others’ study and rest;

(3) Have other uncivilized behaviors that affect others’ study and rest.

4. Violation of the relevant provisions stipulated in the Lodging Agreement of Students in Xinxiang Medical University.

5. Other violations of school dormitory management measures.

Article 27 The dormitory management department shall have the right to disqualify the lodging qualification of students who violate the dormitory management measures or lodging agreement regulations, and refuse to correct errors.

Article 28 The school shall arrange the dormitory uniformly.

Article 29 The measures shall be interpreted by the School of International Education and the dormitory management department.